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Sheet metal bend to a cone?

Question asked by Joseph Nosal on Jun 3, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2010 by Joseph Nosal

I have a fan blade that has a conical bend. The flat part is a rectangle. The rectangle is divided in half from two opposite corners. This is the start of the bend (either side, either direction). Solidworks very easily will allow me to bend using that sketch but the bend radius is constant across the entire part. What can I do iv I want the part bent in a cone shape, what i mean is, one side of the sketch has a 0 degree bend and the other other gradually increases to infinity like a cone.


Any help is greatly appreciated.




The attached file is a flat of our shape, then it uses a Sketched bend. The problem is I need the top corner to have no bend radius and the furthest away to be approx. 2" as if the sheet metal was being formned around a cone, roight now its being formed around a cylinder (2" bend radius)