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    Measure - Please Enter an Integer from 2-256

    Dougal Hiscock

      I have a rather bizarre error message.

      Anytime I use the measure window and try to change the units (i.e. from millimetres to metres) I get an error message telling me to please enter an integer from 2-256.


      Needless to say, it's a pointless error message, I'm in a window with nowhere to enter an integer.

      This is SW2009SP5.  I don't know when exactly this started as until recently most jobs were fine in millimetres.

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          Alin Vargatu

          Knowledgebase dixit:


          The "Please enter an integer between 2 and 256" message typically appears when the Fractions - Denominator value in the is set to a value of 1.  It is possible to continue measuring by enabling fractions and changing this integer value to any value above 1, as the message implies.

          The value of 1 populated in the fractions field may be saved in one's template.  If so, modify the template to remove this value. Please see the attached image.