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How to recover files checked out in crashed

Question asked by Tim Turpin on Jun 2, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2010 by Todd Puckett

Using EPDM2008 and computer crashed with files checked out.  Files are now not accessible due to 'Checked Out on another machine'.


I guess I have 2 options:


A) get the first machine back up and running, hopefully with no loss of data  OR

B) using EPDM admin, undo Check Out.  This will result in loss of work.


I am first working on option A.  NO LUCK.  As an option I have pulled drive and installed in back up machine.  All directories seem file except, you guessed it, C:\PDMXXXXX.  When I click on the directory I get the following error message:


No database is connected to view.


Is there any way to connect database?  FYI, this back up machine already had EPDM on it under its C: drive.  The drive I pulled is mapped to the E: drive.


Finally, if no option to connect to database based on my current setup is there another option to A and B.


Your solutions, ideas and comments are appreciated.


Thanks, Tim...