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Partially calculate an animation?

Question asked by John Huijben on Jun 2, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2010 by John Huijben

I'm currently working on an animation about a pretty large automated warehouse, and I have got a problem.

To be able to animate certain parts I need to calculate the animation so all of the other parts move correctly, without calculating the parts don't move properly, and animating parts such as stoppers, pushers and lifting devices isn't possible.

Normally calculating the animation is not a problem since this is normally done quite quickly, but I need to do this quite often, and every time I let solidworks calculate the animation I have to wait about 30 minutes since it's a big assembly, and the animation is currently around 6 minutes long. The calculation time gets shorter when I turn the frames per second lower, but I don't want to reduce the frame amount to much since it makes movements less accurate.

So, is it possible to calculate a part of an animation? I really hope so, since I spend a lot of time waiting for solidworks to finish calculating.