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What happend to Print Selected Area in eDrawings 2010?

Question asked by Robert Van Pelt on Jun 2, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2010 by Robert Van Pelt

We have many older drawings done with Autocad and we use eDrawings as the default viewer in our production and purchasing area to view and print them. Many of them have multiple sheets and when we generate multiple sheets in Autocad we typically just place multiple drawings in the model view rather than setting up layouts. Up until eDrawings 2010 the print command had a 4th option for "Print Selected Area" which allowed you to position a green dashed box to print an area and that is what was used to print each sheet of these multiple page drawings. In 2010 it looks like that was removed so we cannot print just a portion of the model view area.


Is that feature coming back? Until then we are staying with 2009.