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Benchmark for Flow Sim

Question asked by Rich Bayless on Jun 2, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2010 by Ron Reiners



I was wondering, what is the best method to measure the performance of hardware when using Flow Simulation?  What have people done for benchmarking?


I saw the Solidworks benchmark results at using the standard punch holder from Anna Wood's site


The punchholder test is good for Solidworks performance and stresses the CPU primarily, with relatively low memory usage.


Flow Sim uses lot's of memory for a high cell count model and uses the CPU's, although not fully for a single simulation.


I would imagine that selecting one of the tutorial models would be a good start.  Set up a configuration with boundary conditions, heat source, radiation, porous media, etc., and set refinement to achieve a specified cell count.  Then clone that configuration several times so you will be able to run one model at a time, two at a time, four at a time using batch solve.


Any one interested in trying something along these lines?


Cheers,  Rich.