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Crashing issues

Question asked by Damian Gillespie on Jun 1, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2010 by Damian Gillespie

Why  is it that if I build a part in context then save the assembly as it is. Then I  open the new part in a separate window, do a Save As so I can get the correct  part numbers and so on. I may then continue to work either in or out of context  saving as I go. Then I will go back and work on the main assembly in either  level, on the same part or another and continue to save. Then BANG, another  unforseen crash (5 today, not sure what has changed). I restart Solidworks, open  up the last assembly that I was working on and there it is or isn't. The part  that I made in context is missing. Nowhere to be found anywhere in the assembly.  The part is in my folder of documents but not in the assembly.


It  seems that whenever I have a crash and then restore Solidworks, I am missing any  of my history from that session. What or why is this. I even got to the stage at  one point that if I made any changes to my toolbars or added custom Macro keys I  would shut down Solidworks just to make sure all settings are saved.


This has been going on for years and has finally got the better of me. GRRRRRRRR

See attached video as example.


Please  help

Damian  Gillespie

2010 SP2.1