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    How to use "activated" in BOM

    Faur Arama

      I don't figure out what is the use of "Activated" option in BOM. If I check it, in BOM view appears a BOM but is no difference between BOM in other views (detailed..).

      First of all I think it helps to display quikly a BOM for a configuration but if I select it the list shows the active configuration.


      Also I don't understand what is the relevance of configuration column if when I selct a such BOM the list is for active configuration not for activated.

      In the admin guides I can't find anything about this.


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          Joy Garon

          Hello Faur,


          The 'activated' switch places a computed BOM in the filtered BOM view.

          You also have an option in the workflow when setting up an XML export to only export an activated BOM.

          When you select View > Bill of Materials, activated, computed BOMs will appear in the list.



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              Faur Arama

              Hello Joy,


              We don't have a workflow for BOM and maybe for that reason  I don't imagine that usage.

              Anyway thanks.

              Maybe will be beter that when select a such file to list the BOM for the configuration that was activated. I think that could be situations when user must be able to view only BOM for  activated configuration.