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    Linear Pattern Failure

      I responded below but in case you didn't see it....try a "Curve Driven Pattern"...that should work.

      SolidWorks 2006 SP4.0 on WinXp SP2
      UG NX on Win2000 SP3
        • Linear Pattern Failure
          Is there a way to direct a linear pattern of a sweep cut to direct itself to conform to a curved surface? I have found that when I attempt to select a curved line for the direction that I want the pattern to travel, that SWX will not allow that curved line but rather only a straight 2-D line is allowed. Then when the preview of the llinear pattern shows, it shows the pattern going in the right direction all right, but on a flat straight plane, and not conforming to the surface. The error message is "cannot create a profile for the sweep path"