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Maintain folder view settings in Windows 7

Question asked by Ian Vivero on May 28, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2010 by Daniel Tuczapski

Here's the scenario. When browsing through my vault I prefer to keep my folder view set to icons to get through the directory hierarchy, then switch to details once in the folder I'm looking for. I find icons are easier to browse through while the details setting allows me to easily find the files I need based on their state. In XP this was no problem as every folder maintained it's settings individually so once I set it the way I wanted it, it was always that way. 7 doesn't seem to do this as the bottom level folders keep switching back to icon view. I have done some searching on this and there appears to be some options to correct this behavior but they involve menu options that simply don't exist in the EPDM window (view - customize folder) which leads me to believe that in this case at least, it's also partially an EPDM issue. Has anyone else run into this and what have you done to correct it? I am running 2010 SP2 (i think, having a minor brainfart and can't remember how to check my current SP level). Machine is windows 7 x64.