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Unable to view Cut Plots or Flow Trajectories - Failed to Complete

Question asked by Igor Isayev on May 28, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2010 by Sean Donnelly

I have (3) configurations of the assembly that I used to run in Flow Simulation . All of them have been solved succesfully with no warnings. I received and generated all raw results in Excel files. Now I need to generate some Color plots for flow and solid thermal parameters for Customer review. I did not have any issues getting Cut Plots for (2) of (3) configurations. However, the last configuration showed that all pre-existed or new Cut Plots are failed to complete . Initially , I thought that the results files were corrupt, but I was able to generate all result files or create any point or surface parameters as well. Unload and re-load the FLD file did not help . Does anybody have similar issue ? What would be the fix for the issue ?