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Solid Works from Bobcad

Question asked by Onias Martin on May 28, 2010
Latest reply on May 28, 2010 by Anna Wood


I happen to have three freinds that where tricked into buying a copy of Solid Works from a company called Bobcad.  ( ) All three of my freinds where told that they a getting a Solid Works Standerd version for $2495.00 US funds. The sales talk was that they are getting the very same software that other companys sell for $5000.00 or more.


Now the downside is that there is a lot of things left out that the Standerd versoin would have. All of my freinds would have liked to send there copys back, but the company is telling them that there is a 20% return change for doing so. So then they started asking about upgrading to a full Standerd version, and every time they ask about this. They are told by the company that they will look into this and call back in a couple hours.  Those couple hours have added up to hours then days then maybe weeks without being able to get an answer on how to upgrade to a full Standerd version.


Now another downside is that if we contact Solid Works about our problem, the replay is. You will need to contact your reseller about your problems.


Is there anyone out there that has run into this before. For if it would be possible to help my freinds out in some way or other to a Standerd version, I sure would like to do so.


Attached is a pdf file that was supplied by this Bobcad company to one of my freinds after he had bout his copy of software from them. This pdf show what is missing from the standerd version.