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XP x64 print problems

Question asked by Mark McKeller on May 28, 2010
Latest reply on May 28, 2010 by Mark McKeller

hello folks

we've used SolidWorks since 1999 (I believe) and I've ran into problem in the last 3 months - if I hit the print button SolidWorks shuts down - immediately - no error message - just shuts down.


I had the x64 version installed 3 months ago on this Dell - Intel - Xeon - 2.8GHz - 3.93GHz Ram - Nvidia Quatro FX 4500

it has Windows XP x64 - SolidWorks 2008 x64 - Visualmill 6.0 Pro for SolidWorks x64 - Microsoft Office - 3D Connection SpaceNavagator - that's all that's currently on this system


I've shut down the Visualmill and it still happens


I've read different places on the Internet about this happening to the 64 bit program. anyone here found a fix for it yet


sometimes (not very often) i can print if i hit the save button first (1 out of 10)


is it possible that SW x64 needs Office x64 to make it print? (just a thought, that's the only non X64 program on this system)


any suggestions are greatly appreciated

thanks all