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Reconnect to archive server in Windows 7

Question asked by Alex Ruiz on May 27, 2010
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Good Morning my fellow SolidWorks Geeks!


I have a quick question that I am sure is incredibly easy. I just recently began using Enterprise PDM on windows 7 and one change in windows is really confusing me. Previously in XP, when you have been working offline you can reconnect to the SQL archive server by selecting Tools -> Work Online. But now in Windows 7 there are no menu items in Windows Explorer when I am working in my cached vault view and I cannot figure out how to reconnect. I have tried right-clicking a folder and there is a Online option in the RCM but it only allows me to check in, check out and get latest version for the selected item. Is there something I am missing? Can someone tell me how I can reconnect to the archive server even though there is no menu item available?



Alex R. Ruiz

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