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    Can i export BOM to Excel in defined Format

    Raghavendra Bhagavan.S.M

      Is it possible to export the BOM to an Pre-defined Excel format which consists of header and footer ?




      1) Various sub assemblies are built based to achieve DFA.(Design for Assembly)

      2) Based on these Sub assemblies BOM Shop builds the sub assmblies.

      3) I would like to Export the BOM to Excel file from the tabs in the Vault View  as per the pre-defined format with Headers,Footers, Logo, Page Number Etc.


      Any help on this front would be highly apprieciated.

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          Jeff Sweeney

          You could change the default template for Excel so when you create a new workbook, thus the template you are describing is used instead of a blank one...but this would be a hassel for every other time when you want a blank template when creating a new Excel workbook.


          IMHO, I like to approach this issue a different way. Create an Excel workbook with all the fonts, column widths, headers, footers, graphics, etc. In this workbook embed VBA code to pull the desired information out of EPDM. (Perhaps an Excel button tell the VBA when to start, or simply on the open even, the macro asks what assembly it should display the BOM of.)


          This gives you a lot of flexibility of what the BOM will look like, and you don't have to format the worksheet everytime.