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    Drawings are slow?

    Shawn Applegate

      I'd like to think that at least two of us here are very fast at Solidworks.  Unfortunately, every version of SW, including 09/10 becomes increasingly slow and buggy.  The click, wait, click, wait, situation we have now is mind boggling.  It's funny that SW keeps adding new features to speed up detailing but yet I find myself always waiting on the software.  The last SW I was content with was '06..


      I love the software, but my god can it be frustrating.  Okay, ranting aside, below is something I noticed about drawing.


      The property manager on drawings is what appears to hang up and cause the wait.  If I click on a linear dimension, then click on another linear dimension, it does not require the property manager to change.  However, if I click a linear dimension, then click a note for instance, it takes a good 2 second to load a new property manager.


      Also, who's idea was it for that new DimensionPalette.  Thank god for the reg file to turn that off.  It always pops up in front of the next dimension I want to click on.


      Sorry for some of the ranting.  Does anyone have work arounds to fix the increasingly slow and clunky detailing in SW?

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          Luca Reggiani

          click, waaaaait, click, waaaaaait, me too

          I'm really disgusted, my impression is that programmers swx worse each version, I hope I hope that they will want to place the product.

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            Rick Warne

            I too am having the same problems.  I've really noticed that when I create more and more drawings, the clicks get slower and slower.  I especially notice this problem while doing ordinate dimensioning.

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                Andrew Hall

                How complicated are the drawings you are doing?

                i have found in the past having more drawing views in a sheet, multiple sheets, or drawings of large assemblies has slowed me down, have you tried speedpacking your assemblies so not all of the info is present in your drawings, i have found this can help?

                Alternately (please correct me if i am mistaken) a multi core cpu will speed up drawings as sw will do each drawing view with a different core...

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                    Shawn Applegate

                    I agree that ordinate dimensions are really slow.  I can click 5 holes and wait about 5 seconds for all the lines to appear.


                    The drawings we do are not very complciated.  Usually just a front and side view with maybe one detailed view.  I can create a simple square extrusion and put some holes in it, but the response from the software is still very sub-par.


                    Here is our setup:

                    Intel Core2 Quad CPU

                    Q6600 2.4 GHz

                    3.5 GB RAM

                    nVidia Quadro FX 3500

                    Windows XP 32 bit


                    We also have some test boxes with Windows7 64bit with 7 GB RAM.  But it is slow as well.


                    Speedpacking?  What is this?

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                      Rick Warne

                      I am a tooling designer so most of my parts are very simple, square blocks with holes.  My work flow is a little different than most designers in that when I'm finished designing a tool I will have to make 20 to 100 drawings of the individual parts of my tool.  Usually the clicks will get slower and slower with every new drawing of these simple parts. The drawings typically have anywhere from 2 to 5 views and I am not using multiple sheets.  Surprisingly, the large assembly drawings that I do are very fast.  The slow clicks tend to happen when I am adding ordinate dimensions and after about 10 to 15 drawings in a row I have restart SW and start the process over again.  Another designer in my group experiences the same as I do.  I also have a new Quad core 64 bit system at home with Windows 7 and it also has the same problems.  Again the only delay I see is when I add dimensions and especially when I add ordinate dimensions.  The speed in other aspects of detailing seem fine.  As with Shawn's experience, I can also pick 5 holes and wait 5 seconds for all my dimensions to appear.


                      My system


                      Windows XP 32 bit

                      SW 2010 sp 3.0

                      Dual Core 3.4 Ghz

                      3 GB RAM

                      Video Card  Nvidia FX 4500

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                          Anna Wood

                          I do not see this.....


                          But I also close and re-launch SW often during a day.  Only takes maybe 10 seconds, this is even with going out to our license server to grab a license.  Would be quicker with a stand alone install.


                          I do not keep too many files open at the same time.


                          If I am detailing only my part (maybe) and the drawing are open.  They are both closed when complete.  We do one part/one drawing.


                          I restart my computer every night.  This helps as well.


                          I do tool and die work.  We do not do a lot of ordinate dimensioning.  Hole charts and also reduced dimension drawings where the important cavity geometry is defined by the math data.  We do not dimension the cavities and features, that will be manufactured on CNC equipment.  We will just define tolerancing requirements.


                          My work computer is a 4 year old P4 dual core 3.2 Ghz cpu (Model D 940, Presler core) with 4 gigs of ram on Windows XP x32 and a Nvidia FX3450 video card.







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                        Checkcheck Master

                        Same for me, love the program but when it comes to drawings and detailing... crisis !

                        Working on a 'A0' size drawing now with for example 30 views on it, SW seems to be the wrong program for this, please SW programmers change this !!!

                        I know change to mono drawings is an option to avoid this problem with 'big' drawings but come on it's 2010, I'm sure it can be better.


                        Maybe off topic but multibody parts with configurations created with Display States are really difficult for SW especially when you like to use them in a drawing, they jump around with visibility and live their own life, why ?

                        Already wrote this before SP 3.1, unfortunately SW doesn't have this under control after 3.1, disappointing.

                        At design level everything seems to be okay, change configs, views, appearances etc., make nice presentations for the customer, wonderful !

                        The pain comes when the customer ordered the stuff and the always to short time is there to create the drawings, order materials to be created...



                        What are they testing at SW when they launch a new release or SP ?

                        Believe me I'm doing no hocus spocus things in SW, just create simple parts and drawings without complex configurations or something.

                        Multibodyparts for example isn't a big issue to find out it didn't work, must be a cookie for the programmers to test and debug this, one week one person building some practical related components and drawing and you know it.

                        Looks like commercial aspects have more weight then working things, I know and realize it's always the question but come on again...

                        Don't give me things that don't work and cost to much time to fight with the software.

                        SW pushed me to ask the question if SW isn't the right program for us, really I hate to say this but it's reality now.


                        Working on a HP Z400 6MB FX1800.

                        Project is on C:\ drive for maximum access...


                        Greetings !

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                        Josh Krumheuer

                        I'd actually say the opposite is true on my end.  I think drawing performance as a whole has improved the past few releases, excluding the annoyance of the dimension pallet.  The drawings I do are also fairly complicated with multiple sheets and plenty of section views.

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                            Glenn Schroeder

                            I have to agree with Josh.  Most of my drawings are on 8-1/2" x 11", often with multiple sheets and multiple views per sheet and I don't have any complaints about the speed.  I am using SW2010 sp2.1.  My SolidWorks experience started with SW2009 and I like 2010 better in general, except for the afore-mentioned Dimension Palette and the Note Combining feature, which I like even less.

                            Also, I leave my computer on and don't shut SolidWorks down for days at a time.  I couldn't do that with 2009.

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                                Shawn Applegate

                                Seems like a mixed bag.  Maybe it's a settings thing?  Can one of you that aren't experiencing this issue do an export of your settings and post it on here so I can try it?


                                Also, I think SW knows we are talking about it.  I was sitting here eating some popcorn and typing this post and my SW crashed on the other monitor, lol.

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                                    Rick Warne

                                    I've recently talked with a supplier that has 4 seats of SW and all of them have the same issue with slow dimensions as some of us are getting.  Doesn't seem to be a very isolated problem to me.

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                                        Ryan Laplante

                                        I have a complicated part that takes about 6- 10 seconds to re build in the part window, however when doing drawings it takes 2-3 minutes to save, and these are smaller sub assemblies of a much larger part that is made up of 160 parts.....


                                        Like i spent over an hour yesterday just waiting for 9 drawings to open....   Front side and plan view of one table or chair per drawing...  single sheets - savign takes just a long, and all i needed to do was make PDF of the drawings - total waste of time and loss of productivity - every version is slower and the new features all suck including dim pallete, convert entitites, yada yada.


                                        Plus I used the flex feature on a bunch of stuff in 2008 as it was heavily hyped and marketed now all those parts are failing and asking for me to recreate the entire tree from there on, sweet, should have stuck with 2008 SP5 -IMO-