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Drawings are slow?

Question asked by Shawn Applegate on May 26, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2010 by Ryan Laplante

I'd like to think that at least two of us here are very fast at Solidworks.  Unfortunately, every version of SW, including 09/10 becomes increasingly slow and buggy.  The click, wait, click, wait, situation we have now is mind boggling.  It's funny that SW keeps adding new features to speed up detailing but yet I find myself always waiting on the software.  The last SW I was content with was '06..


I love the software, but my god can it be frustrating.  Okay, ranting aside, below is something I noticed about drawing.


The property manager on drawings is what appears to hang up and cause the wait.  If I click on a linear dimension, then click on another linear dimension, it does not require the property manager to change.  However, if I click a linear dimension, then click a note for instance, it takes a good 2 second to load a new property manager.


Also, who's idea was it for that new DimensionPalette.  Thank god for the reg file to turn that off.  It always pops up in front of the next dimension I want to click on.


Sorry for some of the ranting.  Does anyone have work arounds to fix the increasingly slow and clunky detailing in SW?