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turning a solid model into sheet metal for flat pattern

Question asked by Reno Simpson on May 25, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2010 by Anna Wood

~SW08 ~

I have a solid model id like to turn into sheet metal if that is the only option for making a flat pattern. 

What id like to do is extrude the sheet metal off of the various faces such as the blue ones in the pic to create a single part. Multiple sheet parts would make up the model and when I make a change to the solid model it would change the sheet metal parts.

but for the most part id just like to have a thinner individual part from the solid model.

what ive tried so far is extruding the faces selected after creating a drawing for each one in the same part. This works but I have over lapping if I extrude inward, which is what I want.  

Then I select the insert bends, it flattens but creates errors due to the overlapping and am unable to re-bend.

Any suggestions or options would be appreciated