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    Saving 2006 as a 2005

      I have a drawing in SolidWorks 2006 that I need to save as a SW 2005 file for someone who doesn't have 2006. I'm sure this can be done but how?
        • Saving 2006 as a 2005
          This question has come up here several times.
          Still, it is not possible to save to older versions.
          A 3D software has new functions in every new release and those will not work in older versions. It is not only 2D data in a drawing.
          • Saving 2006 as a 2005
            Could you save it as an e-drawing?

            If the ability to make changes and add to it are key, then dwg is your best bet.
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              The aggravating thing is that quite a few other programs allow you to save to older file versions. Autocad does, Adobe products do and this functionality is really handy at times. I guess the SolidWorks business model keeps users upgrading and maintaining current service agreements though.
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                  Martin Cox
                  DWG is probably your best option
                  I would set the DWG options to use ACAD 2004 DWG, truetype fonts, & Solidworks custom line styles.
                  No need to set the 1.1 scale output but your drawing views must be in the same scale as the sheet scale if they are to measure correctly.
                  Export all sheets to one file and they should import OK to one SLDDRW document.

                  In order to open a SW2006 Part or assembly in SW2005 you will need to convert the file to 3D geometry.
                  I believe that a IGES file is one of the favorites to use.
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                      Steve Calvert
                      dliles, you can't go backwards but you could save-as a parasolid (please don't use iges, parasolid is the basis for this and other solid CAD modeling tools at the very minimum, use step to translate NOT iges) and open that right in to SW2005. This will get you the solid file not the drawing file, if you really just need someone with SW2005 to open a drawing, do as Ben Gnan has suggested and create an e-drawing.
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                      Anna Wood

                      NONE of the major 3D CAD vendors have the ability to save out to a previous version of their software. This includes AutoDesk's Inventor. Just the way it is when using 3D CAD data.