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    Fluid flow in an open channel?

    Andrew Hall

      Is any one out there doing fluid flow simulation for an open channel like the image shown below? if so what software are you using, can you recommend any reference material for this sort of thing?


      The set up in the picture is a flume for rinsing apples with elevating conveyor and brush unit, we have had some success (eliminating eddy currents and turbulence) hacking together solid bodies and running through simulation express but this is very limited in terms of outputs and numerical results, and we get no usable info on the surface of the water.


      River Ridge Rinse Unit and flume with logo.jpg

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          Bill McEachern

          Not many codes do this type of simulation with fidelity and th ones that do typically cost north of $24k/year to rent or north of $40k to buy though there maybe be some special purpose codes for less dough (say a panel method for vessel resistance predictions). GP codes tend be quite pricey and there are ones with 6 DOF solid object models for path/motion predictions and even fluid structure interactions with deformable bodies. Though probably too expensive an option to get a grip on bobbing apples.


          With the paid up code from SWX you could approximate the open channel with a closed duct with an ideal wall for the waters surface - you could then get some information on the flow (velocity gradients, pressure drop estimate amongst other things, any some idea of the turbulence and/or large eddy formations). Might be useful in managing the flow to be where you want to be and avoiding where you don't want to be.  Depends what you are after. If you are trying to predict the onset of "white water" you might want to start a search of literature on waves in open channel flows. It might be easy to hand calc some limits to what you want.