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iPad modelling

Question asked by 1-LJ9CSW on May 25, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2010 by Michael Nelson

Hey All


I saw a recent post on about creating a model of an iPad. The iPad itself is not that complicated to model, except for a few tricky things such as the corners and the rear surface. Mike Puckett's attempt at the above link is not bad but it is not 100% as you can see in some of the renderings. I've recently had to model a super accurate iPad as a client of mine wanted me to design a case for it.


I've attached my 1st and 2nd attempt which I think are more representative of the actual design. Things to note are that the corner radius is continual curvature and the back surface is created as a single face on the second version. I'm not convinced these are exactly right but they are getting close. The tricky part is the detail of the rear surface towards the corners. As there is no reference dimensions supplied by Apple it leaves a lot to personal interpretation.


Has anyone else has a crack at modelling an iPad? I'd be keen to see how others approached it.


Also if anyone has access to a 3D scanner and an iPad it would be awesome to compare a 3D scan with some of my models.