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SW 2010 license server not seen by new client install

Question asked by 1-A74MIQ on May 25, 2010
Latest reply on May 27, 2010 by Matt Kaliszewski

Running SW 2010 license server with 2 available licenses. Server is seen by 2 existing clients without issues. Firewall is off on server and clients. A new 3rd client installation of SW 2010 cannot see the license server despite all channels open (client license was available on server at the time). Ran complete uninstall and re-install but no change. All clients seem identical except that the newest client has the installation on the D: partition instead of C: due to new company policy. Worked with reseller tech support but they cannot resolve it.


Are there any known issues with SW 2010 being installed on a non OS partition?

Any suggestions?