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Bend with transition (SW equivalent)?

Question asked by Christopher Thompson on May 25, 2010
Latest reply on May 29, 2010 by Alessandro Frattini

Does anyone know if SolidWorks (2009) has an equivelant in sheet metal to the Pro-E bend roll with transition (see here)? Can a similar type of part be created (see image in link) in SW2009, and unbend to create the flat pattern?


I tried using the loft in sheet metal, but I was then unable to add a tab after the SM loft feature, and multi-bodies in sheet metal parts in not supported in SW2009. I also tried the flex feature but it rolls the entire part, so that does not seem to be an option either.



About w/Transition Bends (Pro/Engineer WF 3.0 help menu)


A w/Transition (with transition) bend shapes one section of a sheet metal plane while leaving another section flat or with different bend conditions. You sketch multiple sections: first the section containing the bend line, then one or more sections to remain flat or bent differently. The flat/bent differently sections are transition areas.


You can create one or more transition areas for each with transition bend. Each transition area sketch must consist of two lines. One line needs to be adjacent to the bend area. Sketch this line first. A second line must complete the transition area.


There are two types of with transition bends available:


Angle—Bend a specific radius and angle.


Roll—Bend a specific radius, but the angle is determined by both the radius and the amount of flat material to bend.