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Pattern a bunch of nuts and bolts

Question asked by John Lindemann on May 24, 2010
Latest reply on May 25, 2010 by Anna Wood


  I've got an assembly that has 90 of the sme nut, bolt and washer.  I've tried using a feature driven pattern to make this a quick and easy task and to greatly reduce my top level mates but the feature driven pattern won't pick up the holes that I made using a mirror feature.  I tried using a 3D sketch and a sketch pattern but that didn't work either as you can't use a sketch pattern to locate parts.  I also tried making all of my holes in one 3D sketch and I think that would work but it would take forever to place all the holes as 3D sketches don't have linear patterns or mirrors.


i'm sure people do this sort of thing a lot, i hope somebody can help me out.