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Toolbox part numbers

Question asked by Kevin Godfrey on May 25, 2010
Latest reply on May 31, 2010 by Kevin Godfrey

Hey all, I'm fairly new to Solidworks.


I have a toolbox issue. I have been using the configure toolbox utility to add part numbers and descriptions to the types that we use. All seem to work OK, except for one type (Hex Socket Button Head ISO 7380) where the part numbers appear to save, but when the configure utility is re-opened they are gone. The same type does not allow me to create configurations either, gives a message of “You must save your changes first”. I get the same result whether I manually enter the part numbers or use the Excel export/import method.


I have tried deselecting the type, saving, closing and re-opening, but with no success.


Any ideas?


Kevin Godfrey