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Problems with large numbers and/or sizes of files

Question asked by Jim Sculley on May 24, 2010

We had our VAR here doing user training and the day before training was to start, the RAID5 array fell over and corrupted the OS and data on the archive server.  The root cause is still unknown but I suspect it was the hard shutdown required to un-hang the archive server during a transfer of several thousand files in to the vault.  The battery backup was not installed in the RAID controller and it wrote garbage to one or more disks.  In any event, after a week or so of recovery, I am doubting the robustness of EPDM when dealing with large file quantities and/or sizes.  During data import  we had many crashes and/or hangs, particularly when transferring things like ISO images (8GB or so) into the vault.  Similar troubles when moving thousands of files.  The archive server routinely closed the socket before transfers were complete, or Windows Explorer would hang and/or crash.  These symptoms were seen on multiple machines, both x64 and x32, Windows XP and Vista running EPDM 2010 SP3.


Can anyone confirm such troubles during data import and if so, did it go away once data import was over and regular day-to-day operations commenced?


Jim S.