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PhotoView 360 SP5.0 no taskpane

Question asked by 1-IUL7MW on May 24, 2010
Latest reply on May 24, 2010 by Greg Hynd

Hi everyone,

I've updated PhotoView 360 to SP5.0 and now i don't have the main taskpane where i should have the big icons with "Open File","Appearences","Environments","Settings","Final Render","Gallery" and "Help".

I really don't know what is causing this issue, i've already uninstalled everything related with SW and installed again.Now even PhotoView 360 SP0 does not load the taskpane.

I'm using windows vista business with SP2.0 and i've python 2.5.2 installed.Dont' know if this matters cause it seems that PhotoView uses it's own python interpreter (python24.dll).

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance