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Replication file list?

Question asked by Kris Jankiewicz on May 23, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2010 by Kris Jankiewicz

I'm trying to remove a replicated vault but haven't been able to because a single file won't replicate. No errors and nothing in the logs. The archive status just shows 1 existing file that hasn't replicated yet. I've resceduled the replication task over and over but the file remains unreplicated.


Does anyone have a way to list the files that haven't replcated between source and target servers? I tried using a query on the ArchiveServerStored table but haven't gotten any results showing me a file not replicated. Could this file be refereced elsewhere? If I could decrypt the stored procedure that gets the results for the archive status window, then I could find where the script is coming up with that 1 file.


Maybe the PDM guys should add a button in the Archive Status window that allows you to view the files waiting for replication or to use the report generator.