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Annotating users.xml license files

Question asked by Mark Landin on May 21, 2010
Latest reply on May 25, 2010 by Matt Kaliszewski

users.xml files drive me crazy. There's no place to annotate them. For instance, for each machine entry, I'd like to note who the user is for that machine, and whether the license that is assigned to it is one of my Premium or Professional licenses.


I'm of a mind to put that kind of information in one of the license fields I don't use ... like "Solidworks Workgroup PDM". We are already using PDMWorks Enterprise, so I cannot foresee us needing to put actual licenses in the Solidworks Workgroup PDM field anytime in the future.


Has anyone done this, and of so, did you ever run into any issues doing so? Until Solidworks corp decides to give me a spot for this info in the options editor, I'm going to have to hack one of these fields.