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    Customize Mouse buttons

    Chris Lindloff

      I have a dell mouse with 2 extra buttons on the side typically used for forward/back on web pages (I think).   Is there a way to customize these to function as "OK / cancel" (like the confirmation corner) in Solidworks.  I would also like it if they would function as exit "sketch / cancel sketch"  I had a previous logitech mouse that I could assign keystrokes to the buttons, but was unable to find the correct solidworks keystrokes to act like I wanted all the time.



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          Chris Sargent

          There will not be a setting for the mouse in SolidWorks.  The mouse might have a cd that came with it to help you configure it like my keyboard that has multible assignable buttons or you will have to do it in control panel.

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            Jeff Mowry

            You can do this with Logitech mouse(s) when their SetPoint software in installed.  You add an application for custom usage (such as SolidWorks) and customize the buttons that way.  For instance, I set my "back" button on my MX Revolution to function as the "S" key in SolidWorks.  Does your Dell mouse have any software with it?

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                Mark Larson

                you can do this with MicroSoft mice & compatibles as well, go to buttons tab in mouse properties and select Enable Program-specific Settings


                you can add the application and assign commands to whatever buttons you want.


                you also might want to get ahold of X-Mouse, which further refines control, it is available within Powertoys for Windows, available free from the Microsoft website