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    Adding text

      What's the best way to add text to the attached image other then cutting it out of the .sldprt?

      I'm very new at this and doing ok until I tried to get the text to show. I inserted it as a block in the assembly file but that doesn't show up in PV360.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm running 2010 version of everything.



      Mark S

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          Rob Rodríguez

          Create and apply a decal in SW and it will transfer to PV360.  I'd probably just cut the text into the model unless it's some wird font or something.

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            John Burrill

            What format is your text in right now (AutoCAD .dwg, Microsoft Word, JPG, PNG)?

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                    John Burrill

                    OK, that actually makes it easier.

                    You can make a high-res decal that will fit perfectly over your features.

                    To make a face-plate for a tester I opened the silkscreen drawing in AutoCAD

                    -used the add-a-plotter wizard to create a PNG Raster driver

                    -created a custom paper size where the dimensions were the size of the face plate * the  resolution of the image.(DPI)

                    -opened the AutoCAD drawing and drew the frame around the text.

                    -printed the drawing to the raster driver using the custom paper size  I set the text color to 255 (otherwise it prints black) and changed the default back-ground colour to black..

                    Then in Solidworks I was able to insert the image as a decal onto the face and not have to tweak any of the transforms (position, scale, rotation)

                    To remove the black backtground I specified the image-based mask file option (works better than choosing the transparent color because there's always some feathering) and picked the same image.

                    The nice thing about decals is that you can specify surface finishes like matte or paint right there in the dialog box-in the end, I like them better than extruded text for complex silkscreens because you don't have the rebuild times and you don't get heavey black lines (from the extrude depth) around the text in the drawing.

                    On the down-side, decals don't show up in HLR views.

                    Hope this is useful.

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                  Kieran Choy

                  Insert the block into the part you wish to apply it to, rather than the assembly.


                  Exit the sketch.

                  Insert >> Curve >> Split Line

                  Select Projection, then pick the block and the face you wish to split. Hit OK


                  This will break the face up, sort of like using a laser to etch lines on a surface. You can then click on the inside of each letter and change the appearance (colour, material, etc.). This will show up in PV360.

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                      Keirans approach is great and I use this technique myself, however given the look of your design you will possibly have lots of little sections of text labeling each of the control. Using Keirans method means you will have to apply a material to each of the faces that make up the charaters of the text. In this example a decal image would be much more effecient. You can use the transparency controls to delete everything from the image except the text.


                      An alternative approach is to use the text to extude a very thin body/s (0.02mm) in another part file and assemble it into your main assembly. This way you can apply a material in part selection mode and all the charaters/bodies in that part will become the same color/material.


                      If you need text of different colours I still think the decal is the fastest way to do it.





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                      Mark Schwandt

                      I do something similar, but it's a  bit more complicated.


                      I'll build the the part in SW and then create a  drawing of the face I want to add the decal to.


                      Save it out as a DWG file.


                      Then go  into autoCAD, and set up all the text and lines, etc. Make sure to make  closed polylines around everything I want to be a filled color.


                      Save that  file and then go into Adobe Illustrator and import the modified DWG  file. Then I do all the coloring, and then export that as a 300dpi jpg  file.


                      This  file I use in SW to make the decal on the part.


                      I know it's a  long process, but I can get some stunning rendered parts using this  approach.