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EPDM - problems of performance

Question asked by Pedro Cruz on May 19, 2010
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We have a lot of problems of performance with PDM. In PDM 2009 version was resolved some problems with administrative operations.

But we continued to have problems with performance: a lot of time to open the files, to appear the information in datacards, timeout when we checkout or get latest version of some files.

We have 5 vaults (to 5 companies each one). We have these problems with 2 companies: MTAluminium with 100 clients and have already 1 TB in archive server and 6,5 GB in vault database; MTEnergy with 30 clients, 500 GB in archive server and 2,5 in database.

The users are very unhappy because the poor performance of PDM.


With 2010 SP2 version, we thaught that the performance problems will be solved (told us that the queries should be optimized) but we are the same or worst because now we have more bugs (ex.: if you do the clean local cache, you block/crash the vault).

In generally, PDM 2010 SP2 continues with the same performance, and for these two companies is a poor performance.

There is another case, that sometimes we have a process in database server that lock processor and we need restart the database service to have again PDM ok.


The other companies are not mentioned because they haven't much data and they don't have problems of performance.


There's someone with problems of perfomance like these that I have mentioned?

I would like to have also some suggestions how to solve these problems.



  • Clients with XP (some W7)
  • 1 Archive Server
  • 1 Cluster SQL Server 2005



Thank you,


Pedro Cruz