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Odd mesh failure

Question asked by Andy Krispie on May 20, 2010
Latest reply on May 26, 2010 by Joe Galliera



I'm having a heck of a time meshing this fairly simple assembly.  It seems like I've tried every mesh fineness and tolerance the program allows and still to success.  Every time I try with different settings, a different part fails to mesh.  Further, I tried the same cross sectional breakup on a shorter W-section (500mm) and the meshing worked fine, but when I made a longer version of the same W-section (~2500mm) the meshing fails every time.


The file is attached.  Failure diagnostics say:


Surface mesh successful.Volume mesh failed.Reducing element size or increasing number of elements per circle may help.


Like I mentioned, I tried increasing meshing fineness to a very high value, and toying with the tolerance but nothing worked.  I even tried recreating the model thinking there was some geometry anomaly but that didn't work either.  If anyone has any suggestions I would certainly appreciate it.