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Chose wrong face for mate, won't let me undo

Question asked by Karl Wooster on May 19, 2010
Latest reply on May 20, 2010 by Karl Wooster

I was trying to drag a part of an assembly and accidentally picked the wrong face for the mate.  The face that I chose made the mate unsolveable.  SolidWorks then asked if I wanted it to automatically flip mates to make it possible.  In my experience, it usually makes a bigger mess of things when it does this, but it would not allow me to say no.  All I wanted it to do at that point was let me select no, tell me there was an error, and then let me fix it.  Instead, after hitting no several times (even after selecting the "Don't ask me this again" checkbox), SolidWorks crashed.  I contemplated selecting yes, but did not like the option of trying to dig through my mates to figure out what had flipped and how to fix it.  Is there something that I was likely missing that would have let me do what I wanted, or is this a functionality that does not exist?


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