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Does the new convert entities work faster for you?  It does not for me.

Question asked by Ryan Laplante on May 18, 2010
Latest reply on May 23, 2010 by Kieran Choy

I used to select at the lines I wanted to convert and then use the V hotkey to convert the entities, I could immediately use my B hotkey and begin trimming the converted entities.


Now I select the first couple of lines I want to convert and hit V, those convert fine, but I can just go selecting more lines and hit V again, I have to CTRL select each line I want converted and then RT click or move my mouse and select the convert entities again, now that you have all you lines converted try and immediately begin trimming, NO you have to RT click again, or move your mouse again to close the damn dialog box box.


I lose 20 minutes a day using this and it is not intuitive and works about 300 percent more awful in my experience.


It's two to three extra steps for the exact same outcome - Anyone else want to tell SW that the new convert entities actually costs them  time and money?   it slows me down to use it and I got so mad I wrote a forum topic!!