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General data management question

Question asked by 1-3XRC9T on May 18, 2010
Latest reply on May 18, 2010 by Devon Sowell

I am posting this question in the Enterprise section, even though this is not the PDM solution we are using. I am hoping to see how other tools handle our situation, if at all.

What we are experiencing is this; our users often will reference a part or assembly on multiple drawings. Many times one of the drawings will be a drawing that references many other assemblies, (typically installation instruction type drawings).

The problem occurs when a designer checks out an assembly that has one of these parts, because of the relationships they wind up getting all of the extra assemblies not directly related to the target assembly checked out with it.

We also see this issue with tabulated drawings. If we check out a part that happens to be on a tabulated drawing, we of course get the associated drawing, and then all of the other parts that are referenced on this drawings. This results in more models being returned to the user than wanted.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.