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    copy view

    Dominik Kirschner



      I'm looking for a way to copy a modified and saved view, from one part to another. We're using a special isometric view and I forgot to add it to the template hence many parts are not equipped. Does anyone has an idea how to do that?

      I've searched the whole forum and the knowledgebase too but could not find anything.


      Thanks in advance


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          Jeff Mirisola

          Unless there was a change in 2010 that I'm unaware of, you can't copy a view or update the base template for existing parts/assemblies.

          I wonder, though, if you couldn't have a macro that would orientate the document to the view you need, then create the new view.

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              Wayne Tiffany

              The keypad macros that I have not only rotate your screen view, but also create all the standard isometric views (and their opposites) and those can be used in the drawings as they are saved views.  So if you know the rotational makeup of your "std" saved view, you could modify the numbers in one of my keypad macros to accomplish your task.  Or it might just be one that is already being created with the existing macros.


              If interested, you can go to http://www.kcswug.com/documents/ and grab the file KeyPad Macros.zip.  This will give you all the macros and the instuctions for using them.