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    Going from SW Concept to Final Design

      As a follow up to the Forum topic "Taking SW concept design to Final Design" I have created a brief 10 question survey on the topic. Please take a moment to fill out this survey;  or copy and paste the following: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3V58PFG   Your time and attention is appreciated and will help us greatly.


      Thank you


      Mark Biasotti

      Senior Product Specialist

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          Matt Lombard



          You need to have a word with Lynn Cherny, and help her to be able to put together surveys that don't harrass users.



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            Robert Stupplebeen



            First, good survey providing clear options and asking the users to basically rank what needs come first.  I think that it would be useful for people to post their answer question 11 to spur conversation.  Thanks.


            Rob Stupplebeen

            11.  Do you have any additional comments or suggestions you'd like us to  know about pertaining to the subject of taking SolidWorks concepts and  prototypes to production work?

            Most of my issues arise with SW loosing track of what edge of a surface was used causing twisted or impossible geometry.  Ellipses seem to be especially problematic.

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                Harold Brunt

                I like that suggestion Rob. My answer to number 11.:


                Although I ranked "(I) Better education..." 7th it is still very important to me. A section in the SW 'Help' discussing bspline surfaces and NURBS and the various accuracies of the surfaces along with best practices for approaching those accuracies would be helpful.



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                  Matt Lombard

                  I didn't answer question 11, but maybe I'll answer it here. I thought most of the survey addressed general editability, not necessarily concept to final. Concept to final requires more conceptual changes, where the survey asked more tactical questions. The stuff in the survey also needs to be addressed, I mean you can't make changes without good editing tools. I hope they also choose to add some of the copying tools some have asked for.


                  The survey seems to assume that it is possible to reuse concept data, which often it is not, regardless of what tools you have available.


                  Another avenue that they might take would be to incorporate more direct editing tools, or to continue to develop the Freeform feature to be more like Rhino or better yet solidThinking. Some people consider direct editing tools in themselves to be concepting tools.


                  Maybe with some of this "freeze the tree" functionality others have discussed we can get away from the purist need to have a perfect tree, and only worry about the end geometry, but this might be too big of a philosophical shift for some users. I know in some cases that I spend a lot of time making sure the tree is perfect, when there is no need for that. Some might consider this sloppy and/or lazy, and others may simply consider it practical and time efficient.


                  Also, in order for me to want to go from concept to final models, there is going to have to be something to induce me to want to make concepts in SW in the first place. SW would have to include a better sketching method, probably using some sort of new hardware interface (touch, stylus), and might have to incorporate functionality from other tools used for concepting like Illustrator or Photoshop.


                  Returning to the tactical side, they really need to consider improvements to the spline editing interface. The current-since-2009 spline method where it predicts end of spline curvature has clearly failed. I really hate it. You can only see what you've sketched after you put down two additional spline points, and the curvature starts to settle down. Also, I'd like to see a better method for addition of spline points on the fly, maybe a modifier key shortcut or something. Something where you can place and move the point in a single stroke rather than place, clear the cursor, select and then move. Using the RMB menu to access Add Spline Point seems clumsy. Plus, I'd love to see the curvature comb option put on the LMB shortcut bars.

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                  Jeff Mowry

                  Wow--no "industrial designer" option available for a concept-to-final design survey?  I filled that in under "other".

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                    Mark Leichliter

                    I hate to be "that" guy - but these kinds of tools are what would make going from ideation to production more doable in SW. I find the rigidity of Solidworks to be an insurmountable barrier to using it for both formfinding/brainstorming and final production modeling.


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                      Thank you to many of you here that have participated in this survey - there has been a tremendous response. In addition, many of you have added some insightful commentary to the survey.


                      Please talk this up amongst your colleagues and encourage them to take the survey. This is an extremely important topic for us here at SW.