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SolidWorks Workgroup PDM Vault

Question asked by 1-RA68LO on May 18, 2010
Latest reply on May 18, 2010 by Dominik Kirschner

Hi all,


I am trying to set up a PDM Vault in our organization, but I seem to have a strange problem:


When connecting to the vault (which should be also possible from the outside), it is not possible to enter the whole address of the vault PC in the address field of SolidWorks Explorer. As I would like to set it up in a way to allow access also over the internet, the address is a litte longer than only a computer name.


In related matters: is the connection to the vault PC encrypted (=safe)? Is the access over the internet a supported option or did it work for me only by accident?


Thanks in advance for all answers.


Best regards,