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    $PRP Part number

    Pawel Keska

      I'd like to link configuration name as user specified name with the annotation in the table - is it even possible to do ? Any advice would  be appreciated.



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          David Oustifine



          Custom properties are probably your best bet, assigned in the individual parts or assembly files.


          Are you wanting to assign the value to a drawing of an individual part or to a drawing of an assmbly and extract the data from a part file?



          David O.

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              Pawel Keska

              Does not matter whether parts or assemblies... I dont want to use cust. properties - of course that is possible and I know how to do that, I'm just asking about a Part Number properties, not configuration name or file name - it is easy.

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                  David Oustifine

                  If you are wanting to link it to the "FILE NAME" which is the default value for "part number" in the BOM do the following:

                  1. insert a text note and click "LINK TO PROPERITIES" button

                  2. in the dialog you will see the drop down arrow; click this

                  3. in the list you will see the option "SW-File Name"; select this.


                  This should give yo uthe file name for the part or assembly being used to cr3eate the drawing.  If your drawing name is not the same as the said part / assembly then select on of the radio button options like "model in view specified in sheet properties" and choose the same selection from the drop down; this will reference the file name from that part or assembly in the view.

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                    Kelvin Lamport

                    Pawel ... I'm somewhat confused. You say you don't want to use Properties, but you are are asking which $PRP option to use ... and $PRP is the prefix to the "Current Document" properties.


                    You also appear to be showing a BOM line item being linked to a Title Block annotation. How will the annotation "know" which line item to reference?

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                  Roy Potter

                  You will notice obviously that the property you're looking for in the drop down is not available.

                  I've wanted this option of years. I still can not get a link to that specific property. I've tried the SW-Part number but that did not work.

                  My conclusion is that what you're after is not available although I don't see why SW can not add this option it must be simple.


                  I've driven the number through design tables which is not ideal and means I have the same number assigned to more than one property.

                  I've also wanted to show this value in the property tab manger so all the data entry can be edited in one window but because the property is not available I can't.


                  I'll just keep adding enhancements.

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                    Steve Marx

                    Thanks for all your help in my earlier post. Everything worked.


                    I now am wondering if there is a way to get a word-wrap inside the $PRP...... tags.


                    We have longer titles for a few categories that would require 2 lines, sometimes 3 in our title-blocks.


                    I have looked and looked but can only find a "Fit-TexT" which doesnt  accomplish what I need.


                    Is this possible?


                    Thank you in advance!

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                        Michael Toth

                        When you set up the sheet format/template, make sure the text box on the sheet is large enough vertically to accommodate multiple lines. Make sure you're doing it in the sheet's text box and not in the "edit text in window" window. The only issue I've found is that it doesn't quite like to align vertical-center too well, so I just let it scroll from top to bottom instead of trying to make it even. it can be a headache.