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Deployment via Lotus Notes

Question asked by Jody Stiles on May 17, 2010
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We're about to deploy our initial installation of SW 2010 SP 3.0 and want to notify the users via e-mail using a hyperlink to the StartSWInstall.hta file.  Our e-mail is through Lotus Notes and it is creating an unexpected issue.


Once the user clicks the hyperlink they are given a pop-up with Run/Save/Cancel buttons


Once the user clicks the Run button they get the usual install from image window


Once the user clicks the Install SolidWorks... button they get a security window from IE.


There seems to be no way to get past this security screen even by making the requisite changes.  The installer works fine if the user goes directly to it and starts it from the image directory so I'm pretty sure it's a bug with Lotus and SW not the actual image.  Has anyone seen this before or have any idea of how to fix the problem?  This has been sent on to our VAR but I've yet to hear back from them and need to get moving ahead.