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Revision Rolling - Part Numbers - As built - Latest Revision ?????

Question asked by John Layne on May 14, 2010
Latest reply on May 17, 2010 by Jesse Seger

I'd appreciate the forums opinion on the Revision Rules we are discussing at my current client.



  1. Revisions should be interchangeable
  2. If form, fit or function of the part or assembly changes then a new Part Number should be issued not a new revision. (Does not apply to work in progress, i.e. Prior to first release to manufacture)
  3. The Assembly revision does not change on a sub part or sub assembly getting a new revision (see 2. above) The Assembly revision only changes if a part number is added, changed or deleted. -- THIS is important failure to follow this on a large assembly will require a ridiculous amount of revision numbers on the assembly drawing. This is called "Revision Rolling" it's very bad practice.
  4. Do not put a revision column in the BOM see above
  5. Track as built revisions using a separate document/Spreadsheet, when the Assembly is released for manufacture.


If the above is true, then checking the Retrieve Reference "As built" will cause problems. I don't see how "As Built" can actually work in an assembly with several thousand parts?