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    Set scale in drawing template

    Stephen Ball

      Hi there,


      I would like to make a special drawing template which is completely blank (easy to do!) and that has the drawing scale fixed at 1:1.  How can I force the scale to 1:1 in the template?  I changed the "sheet scale" to 1:1 in the sheet properties.  However, when I insert a model, the view is auto-scaled to fit the page.


      I notice that there is a system option (under the "drawings" heading) that enables or disables the auto-scaling.  Disabling this works just fine, but it is not stored in the drawing template - it is a global setting.  For all my regular templates, I want the auto-scaling option enabled.


      Is it even possible to store the scale in the template?  Any thoughts/suggestions?


      Thanks in advance!