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check if activated

Question asked by 1-DCDZ4F on May 14, 2010



We have a solidworks (2008 and 2010) license but don't have a flexlm license server.


We work in small teams and there are several computers with Solidworks installed but only a few persons who use the software.

On the moment we activate one computer use the software and on the end of the day, or changing computers, we deactivate solidworks.

If we want to use the software again we do the activation/deactivation sequence again.


This works fine because we can change easy between computers and still use solidworks on more then one computer as long as we don't forget to deactivate it first from the last pc we used.


The problem is when we do forget to deactivate the software then it's always a search to find which computer we used yesterday and forgot to deactivate.


Is there a way, e.g. in the windows registry, to see if the computer is activated or not? That way I can write a small tool to scan all computers in my network and have them report which machine is still activated while I thought already had deactivated him.


I hope my question is clear.


With kind regards,


Maurice Lucas