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    Auto populate title block?

    Tom Dean

      Probably boringly simple, but I can't figure out how to get my custom drawing sheet to auto-populate the part name.

      How can I make it do this?



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          Wayne Tiffany

          In the drawing, put a note that is tied to the Description property, or whatever you choose.



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            Dwight Livingston

            Hit the "Link to Property" button when entering text that you want to have linked. In the "link to Property" window, select "Model in view specified in sheet properties" and select "SW-Filename" in the drop down list (or if you name model files by the drawing number, you might want to choose "SW-Description")


            To edit the title block, right-click on the drawing background and select "edit format"


            Other than those basics, you'll have to specifiy what problem you're having.

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                Tom Dean

                Thanks for the responses guys, but I'm still not getting it.


                The way I'm currently populating the part number field in my title block is by Edit Sheet Format and manually input text.

                I want the part # box to automatically populate.


                How can I get the part number field to automatically show the part number of the part I've made a drawing of?


                I have a custom B size drawing template.  Do I need to modify the template?