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Parts won't auto-update to current configuration in drawing view

Question asked by Tom Stypula on May 13, 2010
Latest reply on May 13, 2010 by Jeremy Feist

I am having trouble getting some of my part views to update to the current ("in-use") configuration.  Most of my parts will update to the correct configuration.  Where I seem to be having trouble is with parts that are part of a sub-assembly that is part of a larger assembly.


I create a drawing file that has the large assembly along with sub-assemblies and parts from those sub-assemblies.  I always make sure that I click on each drawing view and go to "Properties" and then under "Configuration information" I click "Use model's 'in-use' or last saved configuration" so that they update to the current configuration.  But the parts of the sub-assemblies don't update.  The only way I can get them to update automatically is to open the part file for the specific part that is being shown in the drawing view - and then the drawing view suddenly updates.


I assume that the view doesn't update because the part is not technically being "used" or hasn't been saved.  Is there a way to make them update without manually changing to the correct configuration, or without opening each part file?  I have tried saving the large assembly in hopes that this would save the part of interest as well and cause it to update in the drawing, but that didn't work.


I am using SW 2010 with no service packs installed.


Thanks in advance.