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    Contact problem linear/nonlinear

    chalothorn thumthae

      Hi all,


      The contact problem in FEM is normally nonlinear problem.


      SolidWorks simulation can simulate contact between 2 parts both static and nonlinear solver.


      What different or any special treatment between static and nonlinear solver? for contact problems.


      Any guy have idea?

      Thank you in advance,



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          Radoslaw Koneczny

          All types of contact definitions avaiable for both static and nonlinear studies describes interaction between selected element exacly the same way for both solver types.


          Notice that there are differences in avaiability of contact definition types for static and nonlinear studies.

          • No Penetration    - Available for static, drop test, and nonlinear studies.
          • Bonded               - Available for all types of studies that require meshing
          • Shrink Fit            - Available for static and nonlinear studies only
          • Allow Penetration - Available for static, nonlinear, frequency, buckling, and drop test studies.
          • Virtual Wall          - Available for static studies only

          Please refer to the SolidWorks Simulation Online Help's topic-> Meshing-> Meshing with Contact -> 'Contact Set'  for more information


          Please refer to the SolidWorks Simulation Online Help's topic -> Meshing-> Meshing with Contact -> 'Guidelines on Studies with Contact Conditions'.

          It contains useful suggestions for the setup of analyses with contact conditions.




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            Ameer Chilakala



            you are right, contact problem is a nonlinear problem.


            if we have small displacements between the parts means, we can use contact conditions in the static analysis it self.


            i hope in the both conditions i.e. static/nonlinear it will use same solver but solving procedure is different.


            in the static analysis the siffness of the geometry calculate at the beginning of the solution, it will not vary while running the solution.


            but in the nonlinear analysis, the stifness value of the geometry calculated at each step and updated to further steps. this is the major difference between the static/nonlinear analysis.


            let me know if i am wrong.





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              chalothorn thumthae

              Hi, Thank you for all response.


              The information in help :


              Contact is a common source of nonlinearity. Although nonlinear studies are naturally used to solve contact problems, the software allows you to use static studies to solve contact problems with small and large displacements


              when using static studies to solve contact problems, The results will be available only at the last solution step. In nonlinear studies, you can get results at every solution step.

              If a nonlinearity other than that caused by contact is present, you cannot use static studies.


              That mean both static and nonlinear solver use the same way in cintact treatment; however static cannot report time response of contact.

              Moreover, if the analysis include material nonlinerity and geometric nonlinerity, static cannot be use.