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Network toolbox CopiedParts folder - want to make read-write - how?

Question asked by Charley Leonard on May 12, 2010

I'm setting up Toolbox for the team I'm currently serving, and we want to use the "Create Parts" option, and use a network folder, AND we want to be able to add configurations to existing files, so we can have different materials and grades for geometrically identical parts, using one file for each size & shape, so we can take advantage of the fact that PDM finds a file of that shape & size if one has been created (we know you can also do this with the "Create Configurations" option, but we don't want to go that route.) .  I have this set up, but the folder is read-only, and doesn't allow you to save a part that's already open.  Right clicking on the folder and unchecking "read-only" seems to work for one save (although the box is checked again if you go look), and then the behavior returns to not letting you save (unless you choose a new name, which we don't want to do).  Is there a way we can work as above and not have to deal with the read-only issue?