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How to make a constant temperature load (NL Analysis)

Question asked by Andy Krispie on May 12, 2010
Latest reply on May 13, 2010 by Andy Krispie

I'm having a bit of difficulty making a temperature load constant.  When I use the default settings, the analysis runs no problem.  The temperature load seems to be applied linearly throughought the study.  When I choose "use time curve" -> "user defined" and attempt to make the temperature constant throughout the study the analysis fails (error message in attached image).  It almost seems like a bug in the program, but I'm sure it's just something silly I'm missing - the model is extremely simple.


The attached images hopefully illustrate my problem.  The first is the constant temperature load I'm attempting to apply and the second is the failure message I get.  I've also included a copy of my model (the first study works, the second does not).


The reason I'm using a NL analysis is because I want to later combine the temperature loading with a buckling study - right now I'm just trying to make sure my model behaves the way I want it to.


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