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Showing flat patterns for multi-body sheetmetal parts in drawings

Question asked by Tom Stypula on May 12, 2010

I am having trouble with showing flat patterns in my drawings.  I created a sheetmetal cylinder using a base flange and have cut it into 3 separate bodies using the "Split" feature.  I am able to show all 3 bodies as flat patterns in the model but I have trouble when I try to show the flat patterns in a drawing.


I can show 2 out of the 3 bodies as flat patterns but the third body simply appears as one of the other 2 (existing) flat patterns.  Maybe there is some step that I'm missing?  In the drawing I click "Choose Bodies" and select the body that I want to show and then click "Flat Pattern" in the Orientation box of the PropertyManager.


The only way that I seem to be able to show the third body as a flat pattern is if I physically flatten it in the part model, but this extra step will be very time consuming for my company, as we will be making numerous drawings of a much larger assembly and going into one of the parts just to flatten it adds a lot of time.


I have attached an example part that I am working with.


Any help is greatly appreciated.