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    Save as "AI" ~ any options?

    Alan Stoldt

      Our Art Department just informaed us that the AI files we have been sending are not coming in on their end as a 1:1 scale.


      I do not see where they are any configurable options when saving as AI.


      Any advice or input as to what may cause the non 1:1 scaling?


      Thank you in advance.




      SW 2009 SP 5.1

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          Hi Alan,


          I assume that you are saving from a SW dwg? If so, is your sheet scale 1:1?  I've noticed that when saving .ai from a drawing, the sheet scale overrides the actual size. I don't know if that is a good thing or not?





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              Alan Stoldt



              As Jerry Van Dyke said, "You know what happens when you make assumptions, don't you?"


              Actually, I was saving the AI from the Model, and I will bet that this is the difference.


              This was my first request for an AI file and I never thought of creating a drawing first of the flat part.


              Thank you, I will try this.